Hammer price 7000 EUR


Origin: Germany, Saxony.

Dimensions: height 25,5 cm, width 19,0 cm, length 24,6 cm. Weight: 467 g / 16,4 oz.

An especially rare general’s pickelhaube helmet in excellent condition.

Skull of lacquered black leather. Silvered bronze spike with convex cone top. Lower part (spike neck) decorated with embossed ornament with circles and geometric forms, with ventilation hole. Peak attached to the skull with four silvered bronze retaining studs, in shape of starts from the outside. Backside of the skull decorated with silvered brass fitting, going from the peak base until the neck guard. Front of the skull with big cockade – star of silvered brass, with a circle in the center, made of gilt brass and enamel, depicting coat of arms of Saxony, surrounded by inscription “PROVIDENTIAE MEMOR”, which is also surrounded by edging with geometric ornaments. Silvered brass chinstraps fixed to the skull with side posts, which are surrounded by original kokades, red on the right and green on the left. Leather visor with silvered brass edges in the front. Original lining inside – brown leather, white silk lining. Mark “54” inside.

Condition report: very good overall condition. Leather in very good condition, with very small amount of wear, more worn off on edges near ears. Silvering on the peak is worn off in places, more in embossed areas. Minor scratches. Front plate (cockade) in good condition, silvering worn off in places, patina in indentations, some scratches and minor dents. Silvering of chinstraps worn off in places, better survived on kokades, with scratches and minor dents. Inside lining in very good condition.


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