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Origin: Northern Black sea region, are of Scythians.

Bronze skull cast from one piece of bronze. Lower edges with holes for attaching leather cheek and neck guards. Attributed to Kuban type according to classification of B. Z. Rabinovich. The author describes these helmets as early archaic type and dates to 7th – 6th century B.C. Officially there are known only 11 units of this type of helmets in former USSR. This type of bronze helmet was characteristic to early Scythian panoply. They are characterized by a rounded crown with a roller running along the axis of the front wall of the skull and ending with a small protrusion or eyelet. The face cutout is framed by the bordered rim of eyes, converging to the bridge of the nose and forming a nasal protrusion. The thickness of walls is 3 – 3,5 mm, weight 1,4 – 1,9 kg. There are no data that Scythians used helmets of any other type, except Kuban, in 7th century B.C. Only in 6th century B.C. one more type of Scythian helmets appears.

Height 13,7 cm, length 21,9 cm, width 17,2 cm. Weight 1517 gr.

Condition report: very good overall condition. In intact condition, no restoration or replacements. Original dark green patina. Some micro holes from corrosion.

Provenance: private Viennese collection, acquired in 1980s from art dealer.



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